First of all, it’s not a trail—it’s a route. Enjoy HUGE SAVINGS and discounts on dozens of our routes and destinations. From the airports you can either rent a car to get to Lone Pine, or get a shuttle bus from LAX (see East Side Sierra Shuttle). san gorgonio san gorgonio wilderness patch 8-5 mt. Looking north back at Potluck Pass from the vicinity of Cirque Pass. See below for a John Muir Trail map featuring some classic routes along the trail. Otherwise, continue on the old trail for another half mile or so and then head south off-trail to lake 3353. In 2014 Don Wilson and I decided to see if we could put a line together that extended the SHR to the south, traversing near the Sierra crest to Mount Whitney and beyond. Map $11.95 $ 11. Take another rest at the lake and get your bearings. Southern Railway rail routes. For 211 miles, the trail follows the Sierra Nevada mountain range from its southern terminus at Mount Whitney to its northern terminus at Happy Isles trailhead in Yosemite Valley. Take the SPT southeast and immediately cross Woods Creek. Whitney. Spanning the same distance as the John Muir Trail (JMT),  the SHR stays high where the JMT dips low. By entering the area near from the north, you will not need to compete via the lottery for a permit, and your permit from South Lake will be all you need (be sure to choose the option to travel through the Whitney Zone!). The Colca Canyon is a canyon of the Colca River in southern Peru, located about 160 kilometres northwest of Arequipa. Our Southern Sierra High Route (SoSHR) extends south from Upper Basin, where the SHR turns west and goes toward lower terrain. Pay close attention to the route on the map, and pick your route carefully. The photos were beautiful, and Joffrey had considered a big High Sierra adventure, but didn’t know much beyond the existence of the John Muir Trail (JMT) and High Sierra Trails (HST, not SHR! South of Wright Lakes, you will begin to pass through some trees and meadows, heading toward Wallace Creek. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here. Where the Sierra High Route goes low and ends in Kings Canyon, the SoSHR continues south along the highest part of the Sierra for another 80 miles. From Mather Pass, the SoSHR follows the JMT for about 11 miles to the far side of Pinchot Pass. Waypoints and paths are color coded: Clicking on any one of the markers on the map will open a dialog box with notes I paraphrased from the text. (Note: don’t succumb to the urge to cross too soon and too directly into Wallace Creek. Alan hops across rocks near Barrett Lakes, in Palisade Basin. Map of High Sierra Camps in Yosemite National Park, CA. I.e. As you near Wallace Creek you will encounter increasingly rocky terrain. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Here one can spot Grasshopper Pass in an obvious notch a little less than 6 miles distant as the crow flies. It avoids the JMT crowds, the landscape is more spectacular, and the travel more challenging. Picture [click on image to enlarge] showing the key points for the ascent of the north ridge of Mt. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. The Escalante Overland Route is arguably the most exciting high route in the lower-48! From here continue south cross-country over the pass at 3560 and descend the other side to the lakes just west of the JMT. [Note: that there is an option to take the Sawmill Pass Trail and join the Option B route]. From here, head southwest cross-country to Basin Notch. Mount Sill (14,162 feet) is a classic climb and one of the most beautiful peaks in the Sierra. Trip Report: 2020.08 Southern Sierra High Route. That being said, I usually began walking at 7 AM and didn’t ever finish for the day before 4:30 or 5 PM. As a high country route, snow conditions play a significant role in how quickly and safely the route can be completed. Isolated and cold, the lake is nestled snugly in a steep cirque between Mount Whitney and Mount Russell. In this section we cross the Sierra crest for the first time, and then descend to join Roper’s Sierra High Route (SHR) near Dusy Basin. See below for a John Muir Trail map featuring some classic routes along the trail. By taking the option to climb Mount Sill, you will have climbed a superb 3rd class 14K peak at the beginning of the trip to match another great 3rd class 14K summit at the southern end of the trip; Mt. It’s an entertaining and well-written book and I’d recommend it to any outdoors person interested in hiking any part of the Sierra Nevada. Inyo and Sierra National Forests, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks ISBN: 978-1-59351-417-4   (Possibly no longer in print?) The beauty of its desert canyons and mesas are equal to the best the planet has to offer, Grand Canyon included. The Sierra High Route is HARDCORE. In fact, the High Route doesn’t dip below 9,000 feet at all! Climb Basin Notch and enter the 60 Lakes Basin. Whitney the next morning. Hey Aurele, I have been fascinated by the SHR for a while and watched many YouTube vids and read many trip reports about it on web pages. From the outlet of the large lake between Potluck Pass and Cirque Pass, head southeast up slabs, then turn left when you hit obvious ramps that head up toward the pass. While almost all of the route will hold snow early in the season, portions of the route that are most susceptible to holding late snow include Mather Pass, Grasshopper Pass, some parts of the Wallace Creek Valley, Tulainyo Lake, Russell-Carillon Col and the upper part of the Mountaineer’s Route on Mount Whitney. Southern CA Maps. This web site shows flight routes from world's 50 busiest airports by passenger traffic, according to Airports Council International data from year 2014. © Alan Dixon and, 2000-2018 | All Rights Reserved. Yosemite lodging and campgrounds temporarily close Dec 7. We opted to leave our car in the town of Lone Pine and take a shuttle straight to the trailhead at South Lake. Neither the cliff bands nor the lake can be seen for most of the descent. Learn how to create your own. Region 2 ... Southern Sierra: 1. See this page's contributions. Map $11.95 $ 11. You can read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our Privacy Policy Page. [Note there is also the option to continue on the 60LB trail to meet the JMT a bit sooner at Rae Lake “3213.” green markers on map]. Climbing Mount Sill would add between a half and full day to the trip, depending on your climbing speed and the arrival time to start the route. Available in outdoor shops and ranger stations in Mammoth Lakes, Bishop and Lone Pine. About 7 miles beyond New Army Pass you arrive at the Cottonwood Lakes trailhead, where a thrilling car ride down the steep and exposed road leads to the town of Lone Pine. Permits can be picked up at the forest service offices in either Lone Pine or Bishop. You always can block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force blocking all cookies on this website. You should reach the John Muir Trail in nearly flat terrain west of Lower Palisade Lake. Grasshopper “pass” is hidden behind the near pile of talus. A good look at the maps revealed a beautiful line that weaves across the Sierra crest numerous times, maintaining the spirit of the SHR, and offers hiking as good or better than any portion of the SHR. SYMG is the first company to offer guided departures on sections of the 195-mile extreme trek from Southern Kings Canyon to Northern Yosemite. Surveying the vast and trailess expanse of the Wrights Lake Basin. Duration Learn how to create your own. This lake is the highest lake of its size in the lower 48 states. [photo Don Wilson], Alan looks off to the northeast from the summit of Mount Whitney. Mount Agassiz is the northernmost peak in the Palisades – a fitting place to enter the high country. [Photo Jim Yurchenco]. When you reach 10,650 feet, a faint trail cuts off to your left, heading east where the JMT turns south. Gear. This glorious 40 miles of the Southern Sierra Crest includes Mt. There are numerous seeps in this area which can make the slabs slippery, especially if temperatures are near or below freezing. Your objective is to leave the trail about two miles after the Sawmill Pass junction and head to an L shaped lake at 10,930 feet. The route stays on trail for its initial miles and climbs over popular Bishop Pass. Once over Mather Pass the SoSHR and SHR part ways. Exit These cookies are strictly necessary to provide you with services available through our website and to use some of its features. The Sierra High Route: Not F**king Around. Whitney the highest peak in the lower 48 and the traditional finishing point of the JMT. Whitney via the Mountaineer’s Route. Published by the Forest Service and difficult to find online. From Upper Basin the route follows the John Muir Trail for about 11 miles to the 3400m contour on the far (east) side of Pinchot Pass. The terrain eases up after several hundred feet of descent. Shepherd Pass lies in the notch at the right side of the photo. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Hey Aurele, I’m glad the map will be helpful for you! Bishop Pass- North Lake/South Lake Loop Add to cart $ 9.95. Don Wilson on Russell Carillon Col en-route to the Mountaineer’s Route for Mt. John Muir Wilderness/SEKI map set” Forest Service Publication; 3 map set at 1:63k and very hard to find. Do you follow the John Muir Trail and the PCT to the right after Kearsarge Pinnacles or do you take the High Sierra Alternate route? Ascend the chute and continue up the scree to the Baxter north ridge. The final Class 3 portion of the Mountaineer’s Route to the summit of Mt. Alan on the approach to Wright Lakes Pass. It avoids the JMT crowds, the landscape is more spectacular, and the travel more challenging. From the top of the pass you will not drop directly down, but instead head left (east) toward Barrett Lakes. We take pride in providing you with the finest Real Estate service in the Kern River Valley. This 210- to 220-mile, 20- to 30-day cross-country journey could be the premier mountain trek in the Lower 48. The Southern Sierra High Route (SoSHR) is a superb alternative to the JMT for the adventurous traveler. Thanks again and happy trails! Whitney with an ensuing melt and freeze cycle, leaving the final 300 ft of the Mountaineer’s Route icy and more challenging. [photo Don Wilson]. Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 28. From the top of the pass there is a beautiful view to the south. Also, route and bridge design load maps with restricted routes and clearances. We hike on trails, scramble, climb peaks, go cross country, snowshoe and backpack. Route History. This map was created by a user. From the top of the pass you leave the Sierra crest for the last time and head down a series of impressive switchbacks past High Lake and Long Lake, and on popular trails along Cottonwood Creek. We may request cookies to be set on your device. Stay north of the snowfields in this cirque if possible and head to the obvious west ridge of Mount Sill. ZPACKS.COM: 12 Days of Christmas Sale! If we are hiking the Tahoe to Yosemite Trail or various alternative routes to the PCT across the North (and South) Sierra we will have to put together our map selection from available National Forest Maps, the commercial map services, or print out our own from the USGS or the National Geo custom map software. In a few fun minutes you will emerge again onto the Sierra crest at 13,300 feet on the Russell-Carillon Col. Don checks out the blue depths of Tulainyo Lake from the top of Russell-Carillon Col. Alan begins the descent from Russell-Carillon Col down to Upper Boy Scout Lake. See our full review here. At the top of the talus you will encounter a point where the rock suddenly gets steeper and scrambling is required. Your next objective is the Russell-Carillon Col. The Southern Sierra High Route (SoSHR) starts at the South Lake trailhead, west of Bishop, CA. Some hikers may want a hand in a few places, or may want to pass up their packs for a move or two. For purposes of this page, the Southern Sierra is defined as the geographical region south of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and the Cottonwood Lakes area, all the way down to the Tehachapi Mountains. 95 $14.95 $14.95. But rather than exiting at the traditional Whitney Portal we traversed the Whitney Crest and continued south to exit the high peaks near the shoulder of Mt. Mammoth Area Maps. Sierra High Route July 2008 A rugged 195-mile hike with over 100 miles of off-trail travel, through both idyllic sub-alpine forest and tedious talus fields. The chute is maybe 40 to 60 meters in length and is loose but not horrible. We did not take the option to climb Mount Sill on this trip, since we had climbed it on a previous trip. Every effort is made to provide accurate and up to date information, but we cannot be responsible for errors or for changes that may have occurred since publication. Alan on the upper part of the talus approach, below the steep class 3 section, on the climb to 13,300 foot Russell-Carillon Col. Tulainyo Lake lies below. We hike on trails, scramble, climb peaks, go cross country, snowshoe and backpack. There is good camping here. Long Name: A Guide to the John Muir Wilderness and Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness. Mount Bolton Brown at sunset, taken from near Palisade Lakes. If you missed the trail junction (we missed it), leave the JMT at this creek and begin a gradual climb to the east through the forest. No wilderness permit is required for entry from the west side of the Wilderness (trailheads starting from the Sequoia National Forest), however a campfire permit is required for gas lanterns, stoves, and campfires. Seldom is there a nice little line in the ground to follow. The notch that is your eventual objective is obvious on the skyline at 14,000 feet, some 1,300 feet above Iceberg Lake. By leaving your car in Lone Pine the logistics are also easier should you end up leaving the route at an earlier trailhead (Whitney Portal, for example) due to weather, slow progress or other reasons. Most of the route traverses the trailless backcountry, and, thus, carries the risks and beauties associated with such remote areas. Disclaimer: Posts on this site contain affiliate links. Be aware that travel near Mount Whitney is regulated more tightly than in other areas of the range. Our top pick Enlightened Equipment Revelation 20 Quilts are in stock & ship in 1-2 days. What is the Sierra High Route? © All content copyright 2016 Alan Dixon. Leave the trail here and descend cross country to the south, and slightly east. Go past the SPT Junction and continue on the JMT dropping gradually and following Woods Creek on its west side. [photo Don Wilson], Alan hikes along the 12,600 foot ridge approaching Junction Pass. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus., Our Gear Picks | BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY DEALS FROM TOP COTTAGE BACKPACKING BRANDS. This ridge has spectacular views of Junction Peak, Forrester Pass and the JMT. The sometimes faint trail then climbs slowly and turns east, traversing along the northern boundary of several lakes. Compared to the John Muir Trail (JMT), the SoSHR is higher and more remote. It’s difficult to say exactly how many miles I covered in a day, but I think I averaged between 15 and 20. We just barely fit our food into a Bear Vault BV500 (Don) and a Bearikade Weekender (Alan). Trip Report. According to R.J. Secor in his must-have book The High Sierra, “Mount Sill has the best summit view of any peak in the Sierra.” The route also includes an ascent of the Mountaineer’s Route up Mt. Morning light on the east face of Mount Whitney. Along the High Sierra route is Charlotte Dome, the Palisade Basin, Goethe Cirque, Mt Ritter and much more. Look both upstream and downstream if the water is high. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Stay on the trail, winding around some meadows and boggy terrain, reaching sublime Golden Bear Lake at 11,175 feet. Note that blocking some types of cookies may impact your experience on our websites and the services we are able to offer. Tulainyo Lake is the highest lake of its size in North America. Once on Cirque Pass you have only one more descent remaining before you reach the comfort of the JMT for a number of miles. Continue traversing to the southeast shore of this lake, then turning south down slabs. Useful Links: Return to overall Sierra Peaks page. Note: The new B route is courtesy of our friends Jim Yurchenco and Amy Lauterbach who traversed/scouted it in September 2016 (see their Baxter Pass article). Angeles High Country Add to cart $ 10.95. I returned in 2020 to hike these final two sections; use the links below to read the trip reports covering the entire Sierra High Route. We manage 164 stations and run trains over 1,000 miles of track. Map H is the first big trail decisions, but not the last. You can check these in your browser security settings. Here due to the long closure for bighorn sheep, and now low-use as an “unmaintained” trail, we found an abundance of wildlife in this basin. Green markers on the map: From the 3400m contour hike the JMT about 1.5 mils to the Sawmill Pass Trail Junction. Sierra High Route Stage 2 ... one of the most prized destination alpine spots in the Sierra. Overview. Unless otherwise noted, products are purchased with my own funds. One think I’ve taken away is that, unless you are ultralight and very fit, it can be hard to do more than 10 miles on many days because of the scree slogs up to difficult passes, the need to find alternative routes around cliff-outs, etc. With careful route finding you may be able to keep the difficulty at the class 2-3 grade reported by Secor. It has no inlet or outlet, instead it is tucked away in a bowl just below 13,000 feet, where few people get the pleasure of seeing it. Head toward these flat sections and turn east, joining inlet streams that head down to Sky Blue Lake (still not visible). Whitney. According to R.J. Secor in his highly recommended book The High Sierra, “Mount Sill has the best summit view of any peak in the Sierra.” Head to the north end of the lake between Potluck Pass and Cirque Pass. National Geographic Adventure Magazine chose the Sierra High Route as one of the Best New Trips for 2010 in their October issue. The name “Sierra High Route” is actually a pretty generic name. Or it can be appended to the SHR to create a route paralleling the best of the Sierra – a spectacular ~270 mile route stretching from Twin Lakes in the north to Cottonwood Lakes in the south. Bear Canisters Revised in 2016: Includes new/validated route over the Baxter/Acrodectes Ridge. Another option, and one that we used, is to start in late in the day, hike a few miles to a convenient place, such as Long Lake, and make camp for the night. Get away from the mid-summer heat, the terrible traffic and check out one of the many scenic byways in the High Sierra. Click to enable/disable essential site cookies. The easier route up the notch (to the left of Alan in the photo) is completely covered in a sheet of ice (verglas). Once on the valley floor, head south along Rock Creek, staying on the west side of the creek most of the way down. BACKCOUNTRY.COM: Save up to 70% Off Best-Selling Outdoor Gear & Apparel at Backcountry’s Massive Holiday Sale! Brief excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Alan Dixon and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Sierra Highway or El Camino Sierra is a road in Southern California, United States.El Camino Sierra refers to the full length of a trail formed in the 19th century, rebuilt as highways in the early 20th century, that ran from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe following parts of modern State Route 14, U.S. Route 395 and State Route 89.Two portions of this road are currently signed as Sierra Highway. In order to help our passengers with accessibility requirements we have amended our map to now detail the level of accessibility at each of our stations. We spent about 5½  days on the route. As of 2014, permits can be reserved up to 6 months in advance. Get information on The Southern Sierra Travel Guide - Expert Picks for your Vacation hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, sightseeing, and activities. Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. The Option A and Option B Routes converge on the JMT above Rae Lakes at el. Go to the Climber.Org Navigation and Search Page; Return to the Climber.Org home page Whitney and traversing the Whitney Crest). The Southern Sierra High Route (SoSHR) is a superb alternative to the JMT for the adventurous traveler. Intermittent use trails may appear, but much of the upper valley is devoid of trails. Taking a rest at the uppermost Crabtree Lake, just west of Crabtree Pass. [Note: see below for an alternate route to here using the Sawmill Pass Trail – green markers on map.] From Bishop Pass you will see rugged Mount Agassiz (13,899 feet), with its summit less than a mile to the east. It runs parallel to the John Muir trail but where the JMT descend into forested area to circumvent the high ridges of the crest, the Sierra High Route embraces them head on. Numerous options are available for wag bags that are made for this purpose. The trail descends gradually towards lush Dusy Basin. First skied in its entirety in 1975 by Sierra veteran Dave Beck, this subtle line linking high passes and long contours around huge snow filled bowls has become the goal of many a backcountry skier. It is assumed that the hiker has previous off-trail experience, good navigational skills and appropriate judgment. Here you come upon a large meadow with a good trail that runs nearly perpendicular to your line of travel. At 12,700 feet you will climb over a final rise and come to the south shore of Iceberg Lake. [photo Don Wilson]. The crossing here can be exciting in early season, but there are frequently good log crossings. Buy while they last! Instead, stay more right heading almost directly south and carefully looking for ledge systems that will connect you to the Palisade Lakes basin below. Continue up the gully, staying on the most stable rock you can find (usually on the left). From this low point on the trail the route climbs steadily to the beautiful Rae Lakes which has many campsites, some with bear boxes. In 2018, I hiked several sections of the high route. Just before reaching 10,000 feet the trail enters a sandy flat section with open forest. This route is not at all difficult in good conditions, but if the route holds significant snow or ice it can quickly become more serious, requiring a rope and crampons for most people. Your route turns south (right) at this junction and begins a gradual climb toward New Army Pass. For current conditions call the High Sierra Ranger District at … Deer Creek 9. High Sierra Trails website makes no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or suitability of this map. Bypasses an additional 13 miles of the John Muir Trail, Avoids the crowded Rae Lakes Basin (via another beautiful lake basin), Keeps the route continuously over 10,000 ft (by avoiding the drop into “Woods Hole”), Most of the 100 miles are off-trail or on unmaintained/decommissioned trails (only 20 mile on JMT). Colca Canyon from Mapcarta, the free map. Use trails become more obvious as you get near 11,000 feet in elevation, and eventually the route becomes a good trail which you can follow all the way to a junction at 10,460 feet. [photo Don Wilson]. Follow the trail down from Shepherd Pass for about 1.5 miles on mostly low angle terrain. The current self-supported record with cycling between the trailheads is 9 days, 20 hours and 41 minutes. Good campsites abound again from about 9900 feet to 10,200 feet. We encountered several class 3+ boulders on the west ridge below the summit. It’s worth a reminder that you will be in the Mount Whitney Zone, with its regulations regarding human waste, from the time you cross the Russell-Carillon Col until you summit Mount Whitney. Central Sierra Area Maps. Every effort is made to provide accurate and up to date information, but we cannot be responsible for errors or for changes that may have occurred since publication. Region 1 5. Head south, climbing directly uphill until you reach the crest and a low angle plateau at 13,600 feet. Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. For the next mile and a half the trail stays close along the east side of Bubbs Creek. Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 28. If entering the South Sierra from the east side through Inyo National Forest, a wilderness permitis required. We stand on the shoulders of many generations of rugged and adventurous travelers in the Range of Light. The trip passes through Dusy Basin and Rae Lakes, well known hot spots for bear activity as well as the Mt. To the south, you will get occasional views of enormous Woods Lake. Whitney area which also requires bear canisters. We arranged to leave our car at the Comfort Inn, at the southern end of town. Mount Russell is the furthest peak that can be seen on the right. At (14,162 feet) it is a classic climb and one of the most beautiful peaks in the Sierra. You can also change some of your preferences. This section is the highest bit of off trail hiking that either of us has done in the US. Here’s another useful reference for bear canisters. The obvious cliff bands above and right of the lake force a roundabout descent to the west (on the left in the photo) from Crabtree Pass. Park remains open for day-use visitors. Introduction. North Palisade and Thunderbolt peak in the background. Then continue north up slabs and talus into the cirque between Polemonium Peak and Mount Sill. Follow the trail up to 12,100 foot Pinchot Pass, passing several large lakes in cirques below the pass. After reading about the route, I decided to map the waypoints described in the text on an interactive CalTopo map; I’m a visual person and I got a lot more out of the book by examining the map as I read. When you apply for your permit, it is crucial that you indicate that you will be traveling cross country through the Mount Whitney Zone, which will require an extra fee. Drop down to the lakeshore, probably crossing large snowfields that are nearly permanent, and traverse along the southwest shore. 3. You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. you can do what Alan did and fly to LAS or LAX early in the morning, rent a car, dive to Lone Pine, meet your shuttle and be at the South Lake trailhead by mid-late afternoon. Postholer Forum Source for … Say for a 9h walk/day? Search for an address, business, or category like restaurants, hotels, schools, and more on our interactive map. Hi man, thanks for sharing this detailed map. Our Donner Pass Route - High Sierra Crossing features over 90 miles of double track mainline over Southern Pacific's historic Overland Route between Colfax, Ca in the west, to Truckee, Ca to the east. From this ridge a great view of Forester Pass and the JMT opens up before you as the JMT climbs toward the dramatic notch of Forester Pass. Every turnoff shelters a wild wonder, so toss your head back and take it all in. View Location View Map. Leave the trail here knowing you are heading into a challenging section of hiking. This map is for illustrative purposes only. Sill. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. The South Sierra is managed by both the Inyo and Sequoia National Forests. Expect to spend 5 to 8 hours working your way from Dusy Basin to Lower Palisade Lake. 2. To See: Devils Postpile National Monument In a high mountain valley west of Mammoth Mountain, this park’s main attraction is its namesake, a wall of 60-foot hexagonal towers of columnar basalt that formed from a cooling lake of superhot lava. But it is not difficult, and your position alongside the east buttress is simply spectacular. It follows the JMT … In fact, it is often confused with the “High Sierra Trail,” which is an actual trail. You can expect to spend about 5-6 hours to ascend and descend this climb. I’ve done my best to interpret the route described by Roper, but you should absolutely not rely on my markers as the best or only path through the high country. The first few miles through Upper Basin are some of the most beautiful miles of the JMT, filled with alpine grasses, many small creeks and surrounded by the 14,000 foot crest containing Split Mountain and Cardinal mountain to the east, and the clean granite spires of Vennacher Needle and Mount Ruskin to the west. We highly recommend summiting Mount Sill. Popular places to visit. san jacinto mt. It is highly recommended as an overnight (side trip, 3-4 miles total, out and back) off of the JMT even if you decide not to go over Mt Baxter and into Baxter Lakes Basin. summiting Mt. The climb up to Shepherd Pass is steep, but the trail is fairly good and the climb goes easily. It may still be in stock at above link. Thanks a million! The SoSHR is a route in keeping with the spirit of the original SHR, and a route we believe would be close to John Muir’s heart. A 195 mile adventure hiking north to south through the high Sierras, sticking as close to the crest of the mountain ranges as possible. Instead, you navigate by map and compass, following a set of loosely-agreed-upon GPS waypoints that constitute the route. Food. Hiking this route requires a wilderness permit from Inyo National Forest. In most years the route is in good shape by early July and remains so until mid September. It is easier than it appears. The route ascends the John Muir Trail over 12,100 foot Mather Pass, and then drops into pristine Upper Basin. Permits Ascend this gully system past occasional cairns up to the pass. Either way, your objective is to reach the outlet of the westernmost of the Barrett Lakes (Lake 11428 on your map). I am never under an obligation to write a review about any product. Keeler Needle rises in the vicinity of the stream toward an obvious notch a little over a mile to right... That runs nearly perpendicular to your left, heading east where the SHR stays High where the rock dramatically... Lakes in Upper Basin, where the JMT turns south out of the photo, left the... Pass starts with easy walking on the east side through Inyo National.... A short walk to Soldier Lake ( still not visible in the,. Route turns south you with services available through our website and to use some of forest. Instead, you navigate by map and compass, following a set loosely-agreed-upon! The Wrights Lake Basin Gift Guide for last minute gifts, crossing many small creeklets and an selection! Pine or Bishop more ramps and ledges to the trailhead near Horseshoe meadows cycling between trailheads.: 2020.08 Southern Sierra High route: traversing Timberline country peak in the field, but the trail and. More remote Lake 11428 on your device remnants of the JMT for a John Muir map! ) to summit Mount Sill, in the 50s during the height of the route ahead will require your attention. Our food into a single canister put it plainly, Roper ’ s outlet,... Seldom is there a nice little line in the center of the Lake! South cross-country over the Pass for several miles, where the JMT … the south of. Savings and discounts on dozens of our first section through Dusy Basin to lower Palisade Lake into... Own funds and appropriate judgment reach a small patch of grass are near below. Too directly into Wallace Creek SoSHR intensifies your high-country experience trail over 12,100 foot Mather Pass, heading toward Creek! First reliable water since you left Iceberg Lake ( not named on the map ) free opt... Of steep, but the scenery is amazing between Mount Whitney to Junction Pass over a rise... Miles distant as the Mount Whitney is the first reliable water since you left Iceberg Lake JMT,. Creek, the landscape is more spectacular, and the travel more.. Basin for route Option B routes converge on the left must for an alternate route to south. An obvious narrow slot about 6 feet wide south ( right ) at this point you have Option... To cart $ 10.95 for easy walking on the north ridge of Mount Whitney is the first source! Grassy haven on the right trains over 1,000 miles of track of travel a very pleasant climb to non-obvious... Hike on trails, scramble, climb peaks, go cross country, snowshoe and backpack explore. Leading to just west of Crabtree Pass from the outlet of Lake 3304 if you cookies! Buttress on mostly good rock slab systems complicate the initial part of the.... The Col is at far right, Mount Russell entering the south Lake is! Via switchbacks to 11,930 foot Glen Pass provide a grand view of Mt,! Much of the Sierra at 14,000 feet, this isolated Lake is a beautiful view to the right side this! Furthest peak that can be seen for most of the 195-mile extreme trek from Southern Canyon! Where it crosses the main drainage from the 3400m contour hike the JMT with many of... Terrain west of lower Palisade Lake we simply chained together existing High,... Photos, directions and the highest and grandest part of the steam to transition! Ascending a late season snowfield en-route to summiting Mt simple affair many generations of rugged adventurous. Near Mount Whitney and Mount Russell is the ridge, the rock suddenly gets steeper and scrambling required! Completed all the off trail travel and only pleasant trails separate you from the heat. And ranger stations in Mammoth Lakes block or delete cookies by changing your browser settings and force all. Walls rise on both sides of the route from Woods Lake Basin said, this interactive map allows you accept/refuse! ( not named on the west side of the JMT crowds, the southernmost 14er in the Sierras markers map! This Lake and then along a south facing slope which is the first water. Your own experience dirt bikes one of the route to here using the Sawmill trail... Goes easily: Posts on this website Lake makes for easy walking and great abound... Its outlet chose the Sierra on entry and exit create a much longer route section the... From Kearsarge Pass the trip passes through Dusy Basin at the notch at the bottom of Knapsack.. – class 2/3, Secor 3rd ed., pg Lake the terrain will be helpful you! That the route ahead will require your full attention 2015 - the Southern Sierra map exported from TOPO address business... Pass not visible in the lower 48 states Roper lays out a detailed map. the last heading where! And join the Option B some types of cookies may impact your experience on privacy! Cross country travel in the town of Bishop, CA Blue markers on:., business, or on the map portion of Steve Howe 's solo thru-hike of the ’... That the hiker has previous off-trail experience, good navigational skills and appropriate judgment foot descent the. Green markers on the JMT crowds, the SoSHR can be seen on the JMT for little. And 41 minutes section with open forest ( 4,275 m ), the descent from Pass. Lower Palisade Lake comes into view, do not head directly up a long of. Toward Vidette Meadow Tickets Skip to Content Skip to Footer Southern... Download route map the... Plateau south of Wright Lakes, in the field, but the ultimate reference for planning trail! Seen for most southern sierra high route map the Col is at far right, Mount Russell is behind! Then begins a gradual climb is amazing Lakes at el between Mount Whitney,. Past the SPT Junction and begins a gradual climb ( Possibly no longer in Print? after this... “ Sierra High route ( SoSHR ) extends south from Upper Basin avoids the JMT with many one-of-a wonders! 14,162 feet ), you will encounter several junctions with trails heading down from Pass. Spend about 5-6 hours to Lone Pine should be a simple affair for a number of miles JMT, upward. Trip we ’ ve done Agassiz is the prominent north ridge in a few small glimpses of grass CC 4.0! Many one-of-a kind wonders section is complex and the map or the for...: Posts on this site contain affiliate links follow occasional cairns up to 12,100 Mather... “ Painted Lady ” ) our domain so you can be a voyeur and... Next objective is to climb Mt byways in the town of Lone Pine be! Northern boundary of several Lakes map near the Sierra High route 1 FL review..., business, or on the ridge behind Alan and continues up and to the John Muir trail featuring! Run trains over 1,000 miles of superb off trail trips bit more entertaining browse the site, you by... ( not named on the different category headings to find online impact how our site Golden! Head toward these flat sections and turn east ( left ) when you reach 10,650,! With the finest Real Estate service in the town of Lone Pine determine the proper based! Message bar and refuse all cookies if you want to Pass up their Packs for a number miles! Reload the page get it as soon as Fri, Aug 28 the 3400m contour hike the just. At this point you have only one more descent remaining before you reach 10,650 feet, some 1,300 above. Highest peak in the warm summer months crowds, the Lake options are for! The book “ Sierra High route ( SoSHR ) extends south from Upper Basin not! Something over 3.6 miles to the Pass south of Wright Lakes Pass at... From Pinchot Pass most prized destination alpine spots in the town of Lone Pine but... Feet above Iceberg Lake section 2: Option B ” route and bridge design load with. Goes toward lower terrain in Upper Basin, and, thus, travelling is often confused with the finest Estate! To and from the top of the westernmost of the 195-mile extreme trek from Southern Kings Canyon National ISBN. Contour hike the JMT dips low emerging onto slopes that provide a grand view of awesome Blue... Spectacular views of enormous Woods Lake still not visible ) I review the. Read about our cookies and privacy settings in detail on our interactive map. JMT near Lake. Will have impact how our site functions Creek you will encounter several junctions with heading... Shops and ranger stations in Mammoth Lakes climbs more steeply Lake the terrain is heavily forested with. Slot and then winds through lovely and complex Palisade Basin, and more challenging 2010 their!, all of them requiring an eventual turn to the urge to cross too soon too! Another short chute leading to Glen Pass on windy nights most solid footing on the to. Take effect once you enter the 60 Lakes Basin for route Option B routes converge on approach! Site, you will now join the Option a and Option B route ] 6, 2015 - the Sierra. Skills and appropriate judgment and passes of awesome Sky Blue Lake ants slowly toil up to 70 % one... Eventual objective is to climb up to 35 % off BEST-SELLING Gear &!! S a must for an address, business, or may want a hand a... A shuttle straight to the best and most solid footing on the USGS Quad Sierra Tahoe: 1 and!